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Full JR station map. Use it to choose a station or choose a direction to go.
[101Kb - See the whole JR map of every station]

Full city map with pictures and numbered locations of sites and landmarks to see. [340Kb - See a map of the entire Tokyo Area]


The beautiful photo of the Tokyo Skyline above is courtesy of Tsutomu Kuriyama from the Panorama Tokyo Review.


The Tokyo Virtual Tour is a semi-interactive web-based guide to living in and traveling in Tokyo.  The idea started after I lived in Japan for one year and in Tokyo of a number of months.  After returning home I really missed the lifestyle and my daily adventures.  Even though it was something a friend recommended, I never took a diary of the things I did.  Everything abut my trip was in my head and taken in certain moments in my pictures.  I decided to write down a lot of these things before I forgot about them and to give myself something to look back on.  I started to type out my thoughts in a text based environment and quickly noticed that it was more boring than it was worth.  A friend of mine is a web-programmer and I myself have been a student programmer for five years.  He got me going on the idea to put my journal on the web as a kind of visual journal.  Then that became an on-line guided tour of the city.  I had to learn a lot about certain aspects of web-programming that I didn't know about, and I am still learning new things everyday.