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Full JR station map. Use it to choose a station or choose a direction to go.
[101Kb - See the whole JR map of every station]

Full city map with pictures and numbered locations of sites and landmarks to see. [340Kb - See a map of the entire Tokyo Area]


The beautiful photo of the Tokyo Skyline above is courtesy of Tsutomu Kuriyama from the Panorama Tokyo Review.

Mini Map

The small map in the top left corner of every station's page is to show you a small area around each station and to see the possible routes from that station to others.  The possible routes are shown with arrows.  The arrows point either north, south, east, or west if there are routes in those directions.  By clicking on the map or the arrows you can navigate your tour.  (Works just like the Go North, Go South etc. buttons)

Station List Chooser

This is a pull down menu to help you find the station you are looking for.  If you already know the name of the station you'd like to see this is a good way.  Look through the alphabetical listing, select a station and push go to arrive where you want.

The tour layout was designed to make navigation as easy as possible with more than one way to do almost everything.  However there is always ways to improve it so feedback is important.  Sometimes it can be confusing what does what, so the explanations above should help.