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 System Requirements

Server Types

The 3DeeArts Calendar is designed to run on a wide array of platforms. If you're not certain whether the 3DeeArts Calendar can be installed on your particular server, please send an email to

Web Space Requirements

The amount of space needed is entirely dependent upon how many people will be using the calendar and how much information is stored. We recommend at least 2MB of server space.

System Requirements

To install the 3DeeArts Calendar on your web server, you must have the following:

Perl 5.004 or higher - Most web servers have Perl installed, but check to make sure before you try installing.

CGI Execution - You must have the ability to run CGI based Perl scripts on your web server.

FTP Access - You must have the ability to FTP to your web server so that you can upload the necessary files, or have direct access to your server.

sendmail for Unix - To utilize the email features of the 3DeeArts Calendar you must have the standard UNIX sendmail program avaiable. For Windows, the calendar supports SMTP, IO::Socket, and Net::SMTP.

NOTE:You can check that you have met the system requirements by installing this server check program to give you a lot of information you need to know about your server.

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