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Feature Availability
Calendar Features
Administrator selectable manual or automated user signups Y
Can be used as a single user program or a multi-user program Y
Checks your database to avoid duplicate email address registration Y
User is able to use the forgot my password function Y
Editable profiles for registered users Y
User selectable hours shown in the day view Y
Users can set a default view Y
Users can select either 24 hour time or 12 hour time Y
Users can select their own time zone Y
User can choose to show or hide weekends on the month view Y
Users can choose to hide their email addresses Y
Users can display a profile photo in their profile page and also if they want, with their calendar posts Y
Users can add a signature to display with their posts Y
Calendar logs user access times and IP addresses Y
Search function for events can be narrowed down by date, category, subject, notes and/or location Y
Searchable members list Y
Mini-calendar, quick search and calendar news boxes Y
Day, week, month, year and events list calendar views Y
Advanced day view, expands by columns and rows when two or more events overlap and/or require more than one time slot Y
Week view can start on any day of the week Y
Month view has current day highlighted Y
Year view bolds days that contain calendar events Y
Events list can be sorted by date, event or category Y
User can select to view past events, future events or all in the events list view Y
Users can add event icons to posts Y
Event posts can be public or private Y
Events can be added as; all day event, to be announced or no specific time Y
Events can be added as low, normal or high priority events Y
Smiley faces can be added to event posts Y
Import addresses from the address book into events Y
Tags that mimic html can be added to event posts for adding links, images, changing font colors and sizes Y
Event categories group events together and can be color coded Y
Users can add repeating events Y
Users can add reminders and send email notification Y
Users can up to two different times for reminders to be sent Y
Duplicate checking prevents the same event being posted twice Y
Conflict checking allows or prevents events that pose a conflict to each other Y
Conflict highlighting marks events that pose a conflict to each other Y
Warnings for events posted before the current calendar date Y
The mini date selector makes it easy to select the correct calendar date Y
Editing/Deleting repeating events allows users to edit/delete a single event in the repeating list or every event in the repeating list Y
Five levels of user access (public, read, write, moderator, administrator) for control and security Y
User ownership of posted events prevents other users from editing them Y
Print view for each main calendar view Y
Send me a reminder function allows any registered user to be reminded of an event they choose Y
Added and modified time stamps for posted events Y
Optional posting level icons to denote how many posts a user has made Y
Administrator and moderator icons to make those users stand out Y
Users can post to and view multiple calendars S
Add attendee lists and user signup to events S
Upload attachments to events S
Manage resources -
Downloadable calendar skins S
Upload user profile photos S
Database support for MySQL databases -
Task manager -
User birthdays S
Downloadable holiday packs S
Address Book Features
Address list can be sorted by first and last name, company and email address Y
Users can add public or private contacts Y
Users can add groups for contacts Y
Users can set a primary location of business or home for each contact Y
Users can search the address book Y
Users can select to view only public, only private or all contacts Y
Users can select to view contacts by the alphabetical index Y
Users can import and export contacts to and from the address book using the Import/Export function Y
Compact layout in contact view makes for easy printing Y
Direct syncronization with Outlook or other programs -
Administration Features
Autogenerate passwords in the add user form Y
Define calendar name, calendar footer and calendar logo in Calendar Settings. Y
Choose whether you want to allow user registrations Y
Maintenance mode Y
Default user permission Y
Define the default calendar time zone Y
Enable or disable calendar sharing Y
Set posting restrictions such as, maximum events per calendar day Y
Flood control to prevent spamming Y
Choose to hide event details from all users except administrators Y
Choose to display benchmark data to administrators Y
Edit categories and category restrictions to make categories private to users you choose Y
Add category colors to make them stand out Y
Add user groups to category restrictions to avoid choosing each user individually Y
Edit calendar news Y
Send bulk email to selected user and/or groups Y
Empty databases completely for a fresh start Y
Export and restore the event database to make backups Y
Add your own custom event icons Y
Select from available language packs Y
Manage registered or pending users Y
Change user permissions Y
Sort, search and edit registered or pending users Y
Prune events Y
Get server information such as the location of perl and sendmail and environment variables unique to your server Y
View and manage log files Y
Edit colors and fonts in the style editor Y
Add, edit and manage user groups Y
View calendar statistics and disk space usage Y
Check for available updates Y
Editable permissions S
Template editor -
Word censoring S
Administrator action logs S
Group permissions S
Enhanced calendar statistics S
Edit smiley faces S

Y = available now, S = available soon, - = not available

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